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Full list of publications and full text links

Preprints (in-submission)

  1. McLaren SBP, Xue S, Ding S, Winkel A, Baldwin O, Dwarakacherla S, Franze K, Hannezo E, Xiong F, “Differential tissue deformability underlies shape divergence of the embryonic brain and spinal cord under fluid pressure” BioRxiv (link)

  2. Lu C*, Vidigueira JMN*, Chan JJC*, Maksymiuk A, Xiong F, "Cell density couples tissue mechanics to control the elongation speed of the body axis", (*equal contribution) BioRxiv (link)

  3. Kings JE, Folkow LP, Hammer O, Kjelstrup S, Mason MJ, Xiong F, Flekkoy EG, “A model for maxilloturbinate morphogenesis in seals” BioRxiv (link)


Publications (peer-reviewed)

  1. Xiong F*, Tentner AR*, Sandy Nandagopal, Hiscock TW, Huang P, Megason SG, (2024) "Heterogeneity of Sonic Hedgehog Response Dynamics and Fate Specification in Single Neural Progenitors", (*equal contribution) eLife (link)

  2. Wang W, Pan Y, Shui Y, Hasan T, Lei IM, Ka SGS, Savin T, Velasco-Bosom S, Cao Y, McLaren SBP, Cao Y, Xiong F, Malliaras GG, Huang YYS, (2024) "Sustainable and imperceptible augmentation of living structures with organic bioelectronic fibres" Nature Electronics (link)

  3. McLaren SBP, Xiong F, (2024)"Lumen pressure modulation in chicken embryos", Methods in Molecular Biology - Tissue Morphogenesis (Vol.2805, chapter.12 link)

  4. Kunz D, Wang A, Chan CU, Pritchard RH, Wang W, Gallo F, Bradshaw CR, Terenzani E, Muller KH, Huang YYS, Xiong F, (2023) “Downregulation of Extraembryonic Tension Controls Body Axis Formation in Avian Embryos”, Nature Communications (link)

  5. Chan CU*, Xiong F*, Michaut A, Vidigueira JMN, Pourquie O, and Mahadevan L., (2023) “Direct Force Measurement and Loading on Developing Tissues in Intact Avian Embryos”, (*equal contribution), Development (link)

  6. Joseph Sutlive J, Xiu H, Chen Y, Gou K, Xiong F, Guo M, Chen Z, (2022) “Generation, Transmission, and Regulation of Mechanical Forces in Embryonic Morphogenesis”, Small (link)

  7. Moon LD, Xiong F, (2022) “Mechanics of Neural Tube Morphogenesis”, Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology (link)

  8. Xiong F, Ma W, Benazeraf B, Mahadevan L, Pourquie O, (2020) "Mechanical Coupling Coordinates the Co-elongation of Axial and Paraxial Tissues in Avian Embryos", Developmental Cell (link)

  9. Oginuma M*, Harima Y*, Tarazona OA, Diaz-Cuadros M, Michaut A, Ishitani T, Xiong F, Pourquie O, (2020) “Intracellular pH Controls Wnt Downstream of Glycolysis in Amniote Embryos”, Nature (link)

  10. Mongera A*, Michaut A*, Guillot G, Xiong F, Pourquie O, (2019). “Mechanics of Anteroposterior Axis Formation in Vertebrates”, Annual Reviews of Cell and Developmental Biology (link)

  11. Oginuma M, Moncuquet P, Xiong F, Karoly E, Chal J, Guevorkian K, Pourquie O, (2017). “A Gradient of Glycolytic Activity Coordinates FGF and Wnt Signaling during Elongation of the Body Axis in Amniote Embryos”, Developmental Cell (link)

  12. Xiong F, Obholzer ND, Noche RR, Megason SG, (2015). “Multibow: Digital Spectral Barcodes for Reliable Lineage Tracing”, PLoS ONE (link)

  13. Xiong F, Megason SG, (2015). "Abstracting the Principles of Development Using Imaging and Modeling", Integrative Biology (link)

  14. Xiong F, Ma W, Hiscock TW, Mosaliganti KR, Tentner AR, Brakke KA, Rannou N, Gelas A, Souhait L, Swinburne IA, Obholzer ND, Megason SG, (2014) “Interplay of Cell Shape and Division Orientation Promotes Robust Morphogenesis of Developing Epithelia”, Cell (link)

  15. Xiong F, Tentner AR, Huang P, Gelas A, Mosaliganti KR, Souhait L, Rannou N, Swinburne IA, Obholzer ND, Cowgill PD, Schier AF, Megason SG, (2013). “Specified Neural Progenitors Sort to Form Sharp Domains After Noisy Shh Signaling”, Cell (link)

  16. Mosaliganti KR, Noche RR, Xiong F, Swinburne IA, Megason SG, (2012). “ACME: Automated Cell Morphology Extractor for Comprehensive Reconstruction of Cell Membranes”, PLoS Computational Biology (link)

  17. Huang P, Xiong F, Megason SG, Schier AF, (2012). “Attenuation of Notch and Hedgehog signaling is required for fate specification in the spinal cord”, PLoS Genetics (link)

  18. Xu C, Fan ZP, Müller P, Fogley R, DiBiase A, Trompouki E, Unternaehrer J, Xiong F, Torregroza I, Evans T, Megason SG, Daley GQ, Schier AF, Young RA, Zon LI, (2012). "Nanog-like regulates endoderm formation through the Mxtx2-Nodal pathway", Developmental Cell (link)

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